Pet Bed , Removable and Washable Summer Elevated Cat Bed

Pet Bed , Removable and Washable Summer Elevated Cat Bed

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[Breathable material] It keeps pets feel cool and comfortable. [Usable both indoors and outdoors] With a rugged design, the bed is suited for everyday use, both indoors and outdoors. [Isolation of moisture and cold] The size is about 42x45x 23cm. Large enough to keep pets away from hot, cold or dirty floors while resting or sleeping.
[Simple maintenance] The lid can be removed. Drainage is also great. It dries quickly in the shade. It also has a higher drying speed than polyurethane and hard cotton. [Conenient storage] Because the product includes basic assembly, you can fold it into a bag when not in use, so it's easy to store. [Adaptable] It can be used with cats,small and medium-sized dogs , etc.
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Our cat hammock allows cats to sleep restfully Cats especially enjoy sleeping in small, suspended locations. Our design takes into account the specific characteristics of cats and is loved by cats of all kinds. Our net structure is breathable. Our cat hammock can help prevent scratches, is made from a breathable material, is simple to clean, is water resistant, and is suitable for year-long use.
Our cat hammock has a suspended design, so it is cool even in the summertime. Your cat will also keep warm during the winter, because the hammock does not make direct contact with the floor. The hammock's soft touch will help your cat sleep restfully The sunken cat bed design and soft touch will give your cat a sense of security, so your cat will go to sleep in peace.

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