Pet Negative Ion Comb

Pet Negative Ion Comb

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Negative Ion Pet Comb

Negative ion pet comb is a new-generation product that provides innovative products and services based on real animal science and data. We aim to create a natural, comfortable, and healthy lifestyle for pets.

Double Head Dog Cat Brush
Double scientific pet brush head with 162° arc design, 8.9°on the grooming brush surface, close to the pet's body line, naturally fit the acupoints on both sides of the spine. The brush teeth present a 360° universal dot array position distribution, promote the pet's skin blood circulation and achieve the ultimate enjoyment of grooming care.

Negative Ion Dog Cat Hair Brush
The negative ion emits a point in the middle of the two brush heads, which can emit a constant stream of negative ions. These negative ions are between each hair (though not visible to the naked eye), which can neutralize the frizz effect, and reduce the trouble of static electricity. You can feel the presence of negative ions in the shinier and soft pet hair after brushing.

Rounded Teeth Pet Comb
This de-shedding brush features cross-type lattice teeth, which can be dispersing the force, and finally only remove floating hair, and useless hair, and don’t pull or harm the healthy hair of pets. There are 144 skin-friendly brush teeth with a round head, not hurt the skin do and not bring pain to pets.
Suitable for Daily Pet Hair Care
Pet experts recommend regular grooming to keep your pet's skin and hair healthy. Using this dual head negative ion brush can effectively relieve a pet's resistance to grooming, effectively help pet owners to groom their pets at home daily, and make pets fall in love with combing.
Size: 5x5x7.5 inches
Weight: 0.6 lb
Comb Tooth: 144 Skin-Friendly Round Tip Comb Teeth
Comb Head: Two Brush Heads
Negative Ions: Millions of Negative Ions

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